Hello and welcome to our strong selection of new and old desktop games that can be played on any personal computer. Whether you are a child, teenage girl or boy you can play our ever expanding game gallery. Some interested games are listed here and ready for a your playing fingers. You can find here all genres, strategy and logical, puzzle and card games like rummy and canasta. If you are a worker and spend all time at your desk then this is perfect place for your relaxation.

We always treat visitors carefully with top games and a lot of fun. Our site is simplest possible with great quality desktop games with all genres but especially casino, bingo and slot games. The internet is awash with great games such as the newly designed Cleopatra slots. But we do have many other roulette and slot machines from our partners all over the internet. See the banners on the left side for casino bonus. The on-line gambling is ever evolving and bringing you the latest in technology so that you can bet, play and have fun for free or spend money for real. One great example is the roulette which can be played while seeing the dealer, (many thousands of miles away) via your video internet, placing the bets. Should you want to know more about live dealers and their jobs please read this excellent article about the history of jobs in casinos. We aim to provide some of the best games out there. If you want to play something just read descriptions below and click title or picture corresponding each game. Some games can take a few seconds for load because are big with complex graphic.

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If you like these games and you would like to play again tomorrow just add to favourites and forward the address to your colleagues and friends. Other card games can be played directly on the web page without downloading any software. One example is our next page where you can Play Solitaire in a different presentation yet with all the fun.

The same old Mario and his brother Luigi are turning the world upside trying to rescue the beautiful princess. Have a look and try our Mario Games but don't get too addicted. Or maybe do that if you have enough time on your hands.

Atv Extreme Atv Extreme

When you have a big and powerful ATV and you're young teenager you wanna adrenaline at the road ! You can make best jumps and races with you're ATV in woods and go ahead with fast speed like a real crazy. Take some shoots with your fast ATV.

Backgammon Backgammon

This Is a classic game of Backgammon. You can play here with you're work colleagues or neighbours and try to win some cash. Here you can bet even more you want, but if you are not so good don't bet to much, you can have professional competitors in this table. This game take action in one of the most popular cassinos from Las Vegas !

Dragon Legend Dragon Legend

The story continues right here with this free game, the Dragon come back from a long hibernation and want to kill everyone who stay in his way. Kill the Dragon if you can, if don't you will be killed without any mercy. The Dragon have a little princess captured, If you can release this sexy princess you will get some big rewards!

FBI Action FBI Action

When FBI strikes all terorists have a big fear. In this game you can be a bad terorist with a lot of bombs and attempt to kill all citizens, or you can work with fbi, in a small office and try to capture bad terorists. FBI salary isn't so big like a terorist but you can have a family and some kids. What will be you choice ?

Kick Ass Kick Ass

If you are angry or just for fun come here and kick some teen girls asses, you can punch them and laugh how stupid are they! In this Desktop Game you will find all asses sizes with all colors, pick one, and kick them directly in the butt. This can be a really pleasure for those who want some fun with crazy girls with big butts.

Little Mouse Little Mouse

Here you can play with son of Jerry, from Tom and Jerry, one of the most popular cartoons in the world The son of Jerry is a smart mouse and he likes to play all genres of Games with you. If you wanna play with son of Jerry just click to title and you will enter in this magic world.

Logic Car Game Logic Car Game

If you like logic games this Is one of the most popular, car logic game with a lot of old cars who stay in you're way and you need to make this clear ! You car can't go ride because another old cars are staying in the middle of road, click this game If you wanna play this logic game.

Mario Grandfather Mario Grandfather

Oh yeah, here you can meet the Mario grandfather, a very strong and powerfull old man who train all his life his son Mario. This old man is an expert figher, maybe better than Mario in some situations, and his last missions are in this games. Here you can play with grandfather of Mario and start the apocalypse if necessary.

Mission Of Tank Mission Of Tank

Who is best and strongest war machine in the world? Here you can find out this Tank with big weapons, rockets, and a lot of bombs. You mission is to destroy all the New York beceuse they didn't pay you're salary, and right now you can revenge ! If somebody stay In you're way, you have to kill him without any doubts.

Moto Cross Moto Cross

You like racing games ? This Moto Cross games can satisfact you wish, enter here to see real madness and make crazy jumps in more that 10 stages. You can enter in this zone just If you are experimented moto driver and love dangerous situations without any doubts. Don't miss this game if you want real action.

Poker 3d Poker 3d

You like online cassinos and you make money on internet every day ? This Poker is most special cassino game in the world! Play right now most original poker game online for free ! Play it 3D to feel Las Vegas ambiance and take a smoke after each game or victory. Make you here most popular poker player and earn some quick cash.

Power Rangers Power Rangers

Power Rangers are most dangerours heroes from all Cartoons! This game ca make you a Power Rangers star, take the action in you're hands for more fun! If you want to kill all you enemys get into inside game and click start and shoot !

Sonic Action Sonic Action

Make some actions and shooting events here with Sonic! You have best weapons and skill because you play with Sonic! You need to know that Sonic can fly, can fight, can make you happy ! If you didn't play Sonic games before you urgently need to play this to feel the real action on this DeskTop Game!

The Restaurant The Restaurant

You like restaurants ? How you like it if you work in them ? Try to be nicely and serve you clients with big burgers and face smileys. If you serve that people nicely and with respect you will recieve some big cash from costumers. Make some cash in this restaurant !

Winter Aventures Winter Aventures

You like winter sports and aventures ? This desktopgame is perfect for you if so ! Click here to make some snowboard races, dangerous jumps and andrenaline tracks. If you are so good, you can enter In a real championship to earn some cash and big prices!